Green Clean Global focuses on drivers: those economic, technological, scientific, social and political forces – call them tipping points, disruptions, innovations, Returns-On-Investment, evolving perspectives – that drive or enable us down the path of global sustainability.  Global sustainability, whether it relates to climate change, the energy demands of our evolving global civilization, our individual senses of national security, or a myriad other concerns, is the collective issue of this still young century.

This blog is sponsored by Chandler Reed LLC, a consulting firm with a long-standing core focus in global sustainability, alternative energy and cleantech.  For its clients, Chandler Reed accelerates growth and creates value with a sophisticated suite of strategic development advisory and consultancy services.  Navigating both the visionary ‘big picture’ and the expert attention to detail required for successful execution, we bridge between the often stove-piped requirements of finance, technology, market development, intellectual property and legal. For nearly two decades, Chandler Reed has helped dozens of clients achieve high impact benefits internationally.

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